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How do you Succeed as a Personal Banker? Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

  • You already did
  • Recognise a Personal Banker has Junior Advisory Skills
  • You Educate Clients
  • You become an Uncertified Counsellor
  • You use Jargons to Impress and ABCs to Explain
  • You Become a Master of Documentations


No. 7 You are a Friend to 6,000 Customers in one Year.

6,000.  Yes, that is the largest possible number of clients you could cold-call, meet, greet and have a conversation with.

Reasonably, you forget about them as you only recognize 300 and the top 20 – 30 customers. Nonetheless, you are the face of the banking branch.

Did You Know

If you have 10 customers a day, you would have repeated your sales pitch 10 times.  There are 252 working days a year removing holidays, sick leave & annual leave, you are left with about 200 days.  You would have repeated 2,000 times.  If you contact 30 customers a day, you would have spoke to 6,000 customers a year.


No. 8 You Learn to Handle Special Request

Banker on the Phone
Banker on the Phone

As customers, we tend to ask for extra things.  There is no harm trying our luck – and we live to tell the stories to others that our ingenuity works.

Since you are the face of the bank, you now have to handle sometimes, special (or unreasonable) request from ingenious customers.

Some Examples:

  • Getting higher deposit rates because other banks are having promotional rates
  • Lower transaction fees because online platforms are having lower fees
  • After the investment was made and the price drops 5%, customer request to cancel the investment and get their initial capital.
  • High returns, low risks Investments
  • Free Vouchers, Air Tickets, Event Tickets, Umbrellas


No. 9 Unreasonable Request.  In Your Own Backyard

Not only do you have to handle unique request from clients, it is coming from your bank too.  Banking is a high pressure industry as banks are exposed to the financial markets, which changes every second.  The drive for profit and revenue means Personal Bankers have to deal with

  • New product launches (We meant selling & marketing them)
  • Change of product focus
  • Lots of fees, changing prices, and newly imposed fees
  • New Key Performance Indicators (To satisfy organisation needs such as fulfilling regulatory demands)
  • New Documents such as FATCA.  What is FATCA?
  • Attending training programs
  • Sudden last minute updates to all clients


No. 10 You have to Deal with Cancellations, Professionally

Banker Counselling
Banker Counselling

Retail clients are fickled minded. Maybe not as you handle more volume, you will have more number of clients who may change their mind in investments decisions.  And since every dollar matters when their savings is smaller, they would be more concern about their future financial needs.

So being able to deal with cancellation is an important skill.  Whether a customer is closing a bank account, shifting a loan to another bank, cancelling a credit card or to cancel an investment transaction, you need to know how to handle it.

Who knows, client may be so impressed with your professionalism that the client decides to give you more business instead.


No. 11 Mastering the Art of Sales: Objection Handling

The most important element of the sales process is objection handling.  The perfect scenario is after giving your superb presentation of an investment idea or a wealth solution is:

Personal Banker: “Would you like to invest?”

And you expect the customer to respond with an astounding yes, and hug you with your brilliant presentation?  It almost will never happen.  More likely the customer will respond in the following way.

Customer: “Let me think about it”

In other words, you are more likely to get the sale by asking

Is there any question you have such as the risks of products or why you should think about investing into this product? This opens up a series of questions and answers.  And you start handling all the objections … … before you get the sale.


No. 12 Crafting a Good Financial & Banking Solution for your client

Investment Committees
Investment Committees

A Personal Banker or Relationship Manager in the bank has a huge advantage over a non-banking financial advisor.

A Personal Banker or Relationship Manager in the bank has a huge advantage over a non-banking financial advisor.  A bank is a trusted organization with huge database of customers (including their transactional history, their personal profile and who they are related to.  Their savings & salary deposits are in banks, and likely your bank.

You are able to create a comprehensive wealth management solution for clients such as portfolio solutions (investment, insurance) and cashflow management (credit & banking services).    You have access to comprehensive economic, financial and investment reports.

Being able to tap onto these information & intelligence sets you apart from many others.

These are 12 ways you can succeed as a Personal Banker.

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