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3 Secrets What Top Wealth Managers Do Everyday

If you had been struggling as a Wealth Manager for many years, are you doing what everyone else is doing.  Do you ever want to be a Top Wealth Manager?

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The question you might want to ask is: What do you do as a Wealth Manager?  The answer: You manage Wealth.

And what you are likely doing everyday is to start building strong product knowledge, monitor financial market, study economic trends, analyse financial data and information, and spend lots of time discussing with all the experts on Equities, Bonds, Investment Products, Wealth Products and so on … …

Most Wealth Managers spend their time doing the above.  And probably more time following up with documentations, attending meetings or going for lunch with colleagues.

So what separates top Wealth Managers from everyone else?  We look at 3 things that top Wealth Mangers do everyday.

No. 1 Keep in Touch with Existing Clients

Top Wealth Managers spend little time in their day going for unnecessary meetings, monitoring financial markets or doing administrative work.

Instead, They spend most of their time keeping in touch with their existing clients.  They do it in many different ways:

  • By Phone / Messages / Emails / Meetings / Lunch / Coffee
  • Updating Financial Plan / Portfolio
  • Providing Interesting / Relevant Insights
  • Understanding their family and future financial needs
  • Important Events (Birthdays, Holidays etc)

Sometimes, they just say hello to clients or to attend an event together.  Top Wealth Managers spend most of their time building relationship with clients.


No. 2 Look for New Clients

Banker Counselling
Banker Counselling

Most people dislike doing sales.  Even many top Wealth Managers dislike doing sales, especially in the early phase.  Doing sales is tough because you hear “Nos” and “Not Interested” more than anyone else, every single day.

But top Wealth Managers master the art of doing sales – it is simply to look for new clients every single day.

Different ways top wealth managers look for new clients:

  • Ask for referrals from existing clients
  • Meet more “new” friends / people regularly
  • Attend events to meet qualified prospects or referral agents
  • Join classes, seminars, interests groups
  • Send greeting emails / messages to old contacts or name cards (collected that they barely recall)


No. 3 Identify Financial Sales Opportunities to Clients

Relationship Manager with Family
Relationship Manager with Family

What if every of your client have only $100,000?  And you have only 100 clients.  Do you get all of them to go into insurance or investment products?  You will have lots of sales (maybe commission too) today.

But what happens in 6 months time?  What happens in 2 years time?  Is that the optimal solution for your client today?

Top Wealth Managers spend their time talking to clients, evaluating their income and wealth growth rates, potential major income or expenditure, and identify strong near-term and long-term sales opportunities.

Frequent questions asked:

  • If you allocate everything today, what if there are better opportunities or products tomorrow or next year?
  • What if your advice was wrong?  Should you allocate lesser today?
  • Would the client have changing risk profiles?
  • Is your advisory revenue model sustainable?
  • Is your income sufficiently compensated for your advisory?
  • Should you focus more on short-term or long-term financial needs?

Top Wealth Managers spend time discussing and preparing their clients for potential advisory & sales opportunities.

Are you doing these 3 things everyday?

  1. Keep in touch with existing clients
  2. Look for new clients
  3. Identify sales opportunities

Or are you doing these everyday?

  • Read financial product information
  • Read financial & economic news & trends
  • Monitor and analyse financial data and information
  • Writing lengthy analysis and reports
  • Going for meetings and discussions
  • Talking to financial experts and getting more insights
  • Administrative and Documentation work

Are you a Top Wealth Manager?  Share your secrets to

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